Mu Consortium Agreement

For each of these situations, a consortium agreement is required: consortium agreements allow the Office of Financial Aid to process your federal aid, private grants and/or private loans, although you are not a foreign-registered U-M student during your studies. This agreement must be concluded by you, your academic advisor and/or the Office of Credit Transfer And your study abroad program. You must obtain signatures and/or documents from each office and participant in the agreement. Give yourself four to eight weeks to complete this process before you leave. Website: . . If you`re a student who wants to take courses at another UM campus, all you need to do is sign up for Joe`SS and go to your student centre. Under the University section, you can see a link for Enroll: MU, UMKC, UMSL. Use the links provided to browse the other campus program to determine which courses are available. You`ll want to check out online education, unless you`re ready to travel on campus. The University of Michigan is available to eligible U-M students enrolled in their first bachelor`s degree during the first ten conditions of enrollment in a college or university.

This includes U-M or any other institution and includes registration during spring-summer conditions. for more details. If you are enrolling in a UM-sponsored curriculum abroad, you can request assistance through the Office of Financial Aid. We advise you to contact us if you have any questions about the impact of your financial assistance through studying abroad. Non-resident students participating in a non-study program may see a change in their existing financial assistance for this experience and should submit the “Study Abroad” spreadsheet for details. Studying abroad is an important part of the university`s experience for many U-M students and there is financial support. The nature and amount of financial assistance you can receive will depend on the program of study you have chosen. The university encourages all U-M travellers to register their trip so that they can be informed quickly in case of emergency, regardless of how the trip is organized or funded.

Check-in is quick and easy. Check out the U-M travel policy and visit Global Michigan to record your trip. Your program may have additional international travel needs. Students with disabilities who wish to use the licensed accommodation of their host institution as host students should contact the office of the disabled in their host institution.

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