Splunk Software License Agreement Pdf

“Capacity” refers to the measurement of the use of an offer (for example. B aggregated daily volume of indexed data, specific source rights, number of search and computing units, number of monitored accounts, virtual processors, user seats, application case, storage capacity, etc.) purchased for an offer, as shown in the corresponding order. You`ll find the capabilities of each of our offerings here: www.splunk.com/en_us/legal/licensed-capacity.html. “Purchased offers” refers to the services, subscriptions and licenses of offers that you have purchased directly or through a licensed reseller under orders. “On-Premise-Produkt” refers to the Splunk software that is provided to you and made available to you or on your behalf on the hardware you have designated, as well as all the improvements provided by Splunk. “Daily indexing volume,” the maximum daily volume of unsealed data for indexing, as indicated in the order document, and, if applicable, the order document can also provide data that allows the customer to use an indexer to receive data already indexed from another indexer or group of indexers that processed the same data first under a valid software license. “Splunk Developer Tool,” the standard application programming interface; Configurations, Software development kits, libraries, command line interface tools, other tools (including scaffolding and data generation tools), plug-in or integrated development environment extensions, code examples, tutorials, reference manuals and other associated hardware identified and provided by Splunk to facilitate or enable the creation of extensions or other interoperability media between the software and your system. Some offers may contain open source software. Splunk provides a list of open source software that is included in our On-Premise products, as required by the respective open source software licenses. Any open source software provided as part of your offer that cannot be withdrawn or used separately from the offer is subject to the warranty, support and compensation terms applicable to the offer. Some of the open source software may have additional conditions applicable to the use of the offer (for example. (b) the obligation for us to provide the award of the licensee concerned) and these conditions are included in the documentation; However, these conditions will not impose additional restrictions on your use of the offer or (b) deny or change our responsibilities with respect to the offer.

“open source software,” licensed software approved by the Open Source Initiative or a similar freeware license, with conditions that require that this (i) code (i) be disclosed or distributed as source code or object, (ii) be licensed and/or (or iii) distributed under the same licensing conditions for the production of derivative works. “Splunkbase” refers to Splunk`s directory or online extension platform that is currently on splunkbase.splunk.com and all successors, replacements, new versions, derivatives, updates and updates and other similar platforms owned by Splunk and/or controlled by Splunk. “documentation”: online user manuals, documentation and support and training materials that are published on Splunk`s website (for example. B in the case of docs.splunk.com/Documentation) or that can be updated from time to time by Splunk. All terms and conditions that have been agreed between you and the authorized dealer and which apply in addition to these Terms of Sale are exclusively between you and the authorized dealer. No agreement between you and a licensed dealer engages Splunk or has any force or effect regarding the rights of the offers, their exploitation, their use or their availability.

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