Ttc Atu Collective Agreement

With the new collective agreement now in place, ATU Local is asking the new Toronto 113 City Council and TTC to join us in countering the provincial government`s threat to split the TTC by taking its subway and putting it on the fast track of privatization, higher rates and reduced service for drivers.┬áThe development of acceptable responses for both parties for the employer and the Union could provide assistance to senior service managers who respond to the tweets received by @TTChelps and stem from the fact that the responses they provided are not contrary to the collective agreement or TTC`s legal obligations. It may also be advantageous for the parties to develop guidelines acceptable to both parties as to when such information should be provided and whether tweeters should simply indicate that, if they wish to file a complaint, they should contact the TTC by telephone or through the TTC website (paragraph 146). 1. Has the employer (the Toronto Transit Commission) not protected its employees from the nuisances on his company`s Twitter account (@TTChelps), which are contrary to the Ontario Human Rights Code and the collective agreement? “Toronto`s hard-working public transportation workers welcome the new collective agreement that recognizes our crucial role in the communities we serve through fair wages and social benefits. From the outset of the trial, ATU Local 113 came to the table in good faith to negotiate an agreement and, despite the TTC`s efforts to shorten, shorten and suspend the talks, the arbitrator agreed that the contract should be concluded for years and should not be based on draconian and unfair concessions. The Arbitrator also rejected the TTC`s assertion that the City of Toronto workers were an appropriate man of comparison with our 11,000 skilled transit workers and agreed that comparisons with Metrolinx, Mississauga MiWay and Brampton Transit were more appropriate. To be clear, whatever the outcome, the interest rate arbitration procedure does not replace the Charter`s fundamental right to free collective bargaining, which was denied to ATU Local 113 by the lifting of the right to strike by previous governments. Collective Agreement: 8 May 2014 – 30 March 2018 All the evidence shows that the TTC has not taken all reasonable and practical measures to protect workers in the collective agreement unit from this type of harassment by Community members, as required by the HRC, the agreement and workplace harassment policy. The evidence reveals many insufficient reactions of @TTChelps to insulting tweets such as z.B.: (1) ignore offensive language and only tweet “You can call us at 416-393-3030 or go to share your experience”; (2) she responds by saying, “We understand your concerns, but please, please, do not personally attack employees,” but then continue to provide information on how to file a complaint; (3) Reply: “Can you please move away from vulgarity and explain in more detail what happened?”; or (4) simply responding to the fact that the TTC does not tolerate abusive, profane, derogatory or offensive remarks (paragraph 133). City: Toronto, ONEnseparity: City of TorontoPresident: Carlos SantosPhone: 416-398-5113Fax: 416-398-4978Website: @TTChelps should not just report it, that the TTC does not tolerate the posting of photos of TTC employees on Twitter, but should ask insulting tweeters to immediately delete the posted photos and advise them that if they do not, they will be blocked. If this response does not result in the photo being deleted immediately, @TTChelps block the tweeter (number 136).

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