Ucl Learning Agreement Erasmus

You have 30 days from the start of the course to make the necessary changes. If you are unable to meet this deadline, please contact us immediately (erasmusout@unive.it). Keep in mind that when you return, no further changes will be accepted. The date indicated should not be after the end date of mobility indicated in your grant contract. If your courses have been selected, a learning agreement will be established. This document lists the learning activities to follow and the credits to be obtained after a satisfactory conclusion of the course evaluations. As a general rule, the apprenticeship agreement is first validated by your home university and then forwarded to the host faculty of the UCLouvain. The three parties have agreed to ensure that the activities you perform satisfactorily during your stay at UCLouvain will be fully recognised by your home university. A standard academic year is 60 ECTS points. Depending on the length of your stay at UCLouvain, you usually need to form a program of 30 credits (one semester) or 60 credits (two semesters). The exact number of credits you need to take is determined by your home university, based on your individual learning path.

However, UCLouvain expects you from a program close enough to the workload of a typical semester or a year of full-time study. If you need to change your learnign agreement, you must complete a “Learning Agreement Form Changes” form. It must be signed by your Erasmus coordinator at the host university and your academic coordinator of Ca` Foscari and sent by email (erasmusout@unive.it) to the International Mobility Unit. The “Learning Agreement Amendments” form should only be used to modify the courses listed in the apprenticeship agreement or to add new courses. Prices that remain unchanged should not be included in the change form. At the end of your mobility, you must send the confirmation form signed by the host university to erasmusout@unive.it.Once of all the documents mentioned above, they can return to normal student activity at Ca` Foscari.

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