Agreement Relating To Refugee Seamen

3. A refugee receives treatment in cases in paragraph 2, other than the one in which he or she has his usual residence, from the treatment of a national of the country of his or her usual residence. 3. States parties extend to refugees the benefits of agreements that have been concluded between them or which may be concluded among themselves in the future with regard to the maintenance of rights and rights acquired in the process of acquiring social security from refugees, under the conditions which apply only to nationals of the States that are signatories to the agreements concerned. 2. The previous paragraph opposes the application of laws and regulations relating to the issuance of administrative documents, including identity documents, to foreigners. 1. A refugee has free access to justice in the territory of all contracting states. 2. The expulsion of such a refugee takes place only as part of a decision made under ordinary procedure. Where compelling national security reasons do not require it, the refugee may provide evidence to self-clarify and contact the competent authority or any person or person specifically designated by the competent authority for that purpose.b) the term “refugee seaman” applies to any person who, under Article 1 of the Convention and the declaration or notification of the State party concerned in accordance with Section B of the relevant Article.

, serves as a sailor for any title on a merchant ship or who usually earns his living as a sailor on such a ship. A contracting party grants the same treatment to a refugee sailor who is in possession of a travel document issued by another contracting party and which is valid for the return to the territory of that contracting party, with respect to admission to its territory, in accordance with a previous agreement of service on board a ship or onshore holiday granted to seafarers nationals of the latter contracting party. , or at least a treatment that is no less favourable than what is generally given to extraterrestrial sailors. Unless this paragraph applies to a refugee referred to in paragraph 1 of Section A of this article, who may invoke compelling reasons arising from previous persecution, because of his refusal to benefit from the protection of the country of nationality; In order to establish a similar regime for refugee seafarers, (1) a party may, for compelling reasons of national security or public order, be exempted from its obligations under this agreement with respect to a refugee seafarer. The seaman concerned is given a reasonable period of time in the circumstances to provide evidence of self-deportation to the competent authority, unless there is a valid reason to regard the refugee sailor concerned as a threat to the security of the country in which he is located. 2. If a refugee has been forcibly deported from the territory of a contracting state during the Second World War and returned to it before the current Convention for the purpose of his stay, the length of residence before and after this forced displacement is considered an uninterrupted period for all purposes for which an uninterrupted stay is required.

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