Scotia Itrade Account Agreement

Access a variety of tools that help you better understand your accounts and their performance. The products and services of Scotia Capital Inc. and its related companies are only available in jurisdictions where they can be legally put up for sale. Some of Scotia Capital Inc.`s products and services and affiliates may only be available in certain jurisdictions. All products or services listed on this site are only available in accordance with local laws and only where they can be legally put up for sale. All products and services are subject to the terms of the current agreement. Scotia iTRADE calculates a quarterly inactivity fee of $US 25, which it charges to customers who have less than $10,000 on all iTRADE accounts. In order to avoid this charge being charged, these customers can place at least 1 commission trading per quarter or keep a recorded account. If you plan to open a registered account, Scotia iTRADE also offers the following: Scotia iTRADE is the best for new traders who can use the broker`s vast educational resources.

iTRADE is also perfect for traders interested in trading in the ETF, as iTRADE offers a wide range of Canadian and international funds without commissions. Another excellent advantage of trading by iTRADE is the ability to operate in both registered and unregistered accounts. Put watchlists and market alerts on your account to help you keep track of the market. iTRADE offers reduced commissions and several powerful trading platforms for active traders. iTRADE offers free educational resources for inexperienced merchants and more experienced merchants can benefit from Scotiabank`s extensive research centres. You can also pay bills, manage and transfer funds, create and conduct future transactions, all through your iTRADE/Scotiabank accounts. Exchange agreement: your use of Scotia iTRADE`s services involves your agreement that (i) you will meet the Toronto Stock Exchange`s requirements for the introduction and trading of orders; (ii) You will act within the parameters, if any, that are imposed for orders you can enter; and (iii) Scotia iTRADE has the right to refuse, modify or withdraw orders you have entered, to cancel all commercial promises resulting from your order, or to stop accepting your orders at any time without notice. The terms of use below apply to your use of this site.

By using this site, you give your consent to the terms of use listed below. These terms of use are in addition to the terms of the customer agreements that govern your account. Your use of the Scotia iTRADE website means your consent to the terms of use of “The Fine Print” and our Privacy Policy. Please visit the Scotia iTRADE website for information on real-time data agreements and our complaints procedures. More information and forms about our accounts and plans can be found here. As a Canadian brokerage owned by the Bank, Scotia iTRADE oversees the Investment Industry Settlements Organization of Canada (CIIROC) and is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CPFS). The CIPF protects Canadian assets up to $1,000,000 for all combined accounts, $1,000,000 for all registered accounts and up to $1,000,000 for ALL RESPS. Scotia iTRADE recently introduced U.S.

dollar registered accounts, and once you`re approved for the program, you can exchange securities denominated free of charge on a registered account.

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