Sinhala Rent A Car Agreement Format Sri Lanka

Information about different insurances (e.g.B. Non-collision, non-theft or third-party coverage) is included in the fare details contained in each offer. The tenant may be held responsible for damage or loss of tires, windshield, glass and chassis. Please go to your rental car. Also ask for troubleshooting. Choose one of the car rental locations near Sinhala Ihalagama in the list or fill out the starting point in the form above. Driving in Sri Lanka can be different from what you`re used to. Please inquire about traffic rules and traffic rules before driving away. Here are some guidelines: You should read the terms of the booking carefully, as different offers may vary with regard to insurance. Sometimes the insurance does not apply to all parts of the vehicle, z.B. damage to tires or car chassis may not be covered by insurance.

When analyzing different offers, consider your travel plans for northwestern Sri Lanka. Make sure car insurance is also valid at your destination. This is especially important if you are planning to cross Sri Lanka`s borders. During the booking process, you are asked your age (see form above). In the price details, you will find information on the extra fees for young drivers, as they may not be included in the rental price (then it must be paid at the Sinhala Ihalagama rental counter in national currency). Since young drivers are statistically responsible for more traffic accidents, they may be charged an additional fee. The minimum age varies between 16 and 21, depending on the country and region. Sinhala Ihalagama`s automotive equipment manufacturer will gladly help you meet local needs in northwestern Sri Lanka. Down payment and rent to be paid in advance.

Customers are invited to sign the Self Drive Rental Agreement before each rental. The customer must have a valid driver`s license (International / Sri Lankan) – passport. (Licensee: Please contact our support team) Cancellation/Non-presentation: At least 01 days of rental is charged with airport delivery fee/pick-up fee. Before starting an engine of the car rented in Sinhala Ihalagama for the first time, check that the car complies with the conditions specified in the contract. In particular, check the amount of fuel in the tank. It should be full; Otherwise, require recharging of fuel or modification of contract details. Don`t forget to examine the body to detect defects in the paint, wheel disc or other visible parts of the vehicle.

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