Cohabitation Agreement Quebec

If one of the spouses stays at home full-time or works part-time to care for the children, the contract may provide for compensation. However, it is not possible to define the modalities of custody, access or maintenance of spouses or children in this agreement, since these matters are governed by law and cannot be mixed with them. If the spouses agree to an amicable separation, they can set the amount of assistance to be paid and include it in the draft contract to be submitted to the judge. Two types of conventions are privileged, autonomist and participatory. The first usually allows the common law couple to decide what specific assets they want to share (house, cabin, furniture, vehicles). The latter stipulates that all property acquired by the couple during their life together is separated in two, which is equivalent to a matrimonial regime for married couples. It can also be described as a de facto agreement or an agreement between de facto spouses. This will help you in many decisions that you need to make, for example: a concubine contract can contain all kinds of orders as long as they comply with the law. The document can be notarized or signed by a private signature. However, it is recommended to have it certified notarized, because it is more difficult to contest and remains valuable recorded in the notary`s minutes. Substantive law is subject to the same conditions as a contract.

A parent cannot change child custody agreements without the consent of the other parent. . . .

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