Stamping Agreement Shah Alam

2. When the rental starts on 25feb2016. What is the TA date and when is the date sent for the stamp? Answer: Your date will be 25feb2016. You can send the stamp from 25feb2016. Hello, if both the owners and the tenants have agreed that the lease date is set for January 1, 2018 and everyone signs in December because the tenant wanted to move in prematurely to renovate and ask for Sesb, is it possible to get the agreement to get a stamp? Thank you in advance. Fill in your data in the box provided to obtain the standard rental agreement. Yes. can simply send 1 set for the stamp. The savings amount to only RM10 for the 2nd copy. I don`t know, since I still manually submit to LHDN to stamp, I went to UTC-Johor to mark the lease for the client, but the official said that only the landlord himself or the tenant himself come. Hello, I noticed that the inventory of the standard rental agreement is indicated, but I do not see any of the inventory lists that are attached to the agreement.

Please call me. Thank you. Hello Tracie, it all depends on your agreement with your Landloard, and you need to be aware of why you are doing this. Two copies of the rental agreement prepared and duly signed by the tenant and the owner. Go to your nearest Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri office, which is the same place where we will deposit our income tax. I would also like to ask for a copy of the lease. Thank you very much! By the means, what can I do to make sure my tenant pays on time? Can I fine them if their payments are delayed? What is better to pay in full and first receive an unb stamped paper or pay a one-month deposit and receive the booking document before making the stamp? I don`t know if that`s true. Hello, I would like to ask you, I can only stamp a sentence okay? My tenant doesn`t want a copy for himself Only 1 set of contract and we share it just to save costs Izzit possible, simply stamped 1 and only for lhdn thank you Is there a maximum number of days from the start date that the rental agreement needs to be stamped? Hello, my name is Ivan, can I have a copy of a lease? I would like to confirm 2 questions below: 1.

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