Vilnius University Learning Agreement

CAREFUL! All students at Vilnius University can participate in the Erasmus+ programme, but the university`s policy is not to select students to study abroad in the last semester of the last year. The main reason is the tight schedule to complete the Erasmus+ study before defending your thesis. In most cases, there is no way to get a transcript from the host university before the end of the semester at Vilnius University. To find out if you can apply as a bilateral student at Vilnius University, you should contact the international office of your home institution. You must apply through your home university. Local procedures and deadlines vary from one institution to another. Arrival days Arrival days Students must arrive 1 or 2 days before the start of the semester: 28 – 29 August for the autumn semester 29 – 30 August. January for the spring semester If you arrive earlier, please inquire with the accommodation agent by email about the availability of the student residence; Late arrival Late arrival If for some reason you cannot arrive in Vilnius on the above days, you must make sure to arrive no later than the first week of a semester: before September 5 in the autumn semester until February 6 of the spring semester Orientation week Orientation week Orientation week Orientation week Orientation week Orientation week Orientation week Orientation week is offered free of charge to all international students at the beginning of each semester. There is no need to register abroad. During the orientation week you can expect to meet the coordinators of the faculty, take a guided tour of Vilnius and the VU Library, a Taste of Lithuanian Language conference and many other interesting activities that will help you get to know many Lithuanian and international students. OT Program for the Fall Semester 2020 Days of OT Fall Semester August 30 – September 4 Spring Semester January 31 – February 5 Registration on Arrival Registration on Arrival All students must register upon arrival at the Office of International Relations (IRO). Registration begins shortly before the opening of the orientation week (see the orientation week program). After registration, you will receive the information package.

If you arrive later and/or cannot register before the opening of the orientation week, you must do so as soon as possible at the IRO (please note office hours) Student card Student card All students of Vilnius University must receive the Lithuanian student card (LSIC or LSP as in Lithuanian). This is a list of important things that you should know why a DSP card can be useful to you: it is necessary to have access to the services of the university library; it is the best proof of your identity as a student at the university itself (especially during exams); It gives you different discounts in theaters, cinemas and many other services and purchases; It offers discounts for public transport in the largest cities of Lithuania and travel between cities and municipalities by bus or train. The LSIC price for a semester or two is 6.00 EUR. Get your LSIC: you can register on the LSIC system online under as soon as you receive your admission notice from Vilnius University, although you can only order your LSIC after the university has registered your data in the system. This normally happens in the second week of August, so don`t worry beforehand. The entire procedure for obtaining your LSIC is listed on the website of the Vilnius University Student Representation . . .

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